What to Expect on Your Home Foundation Inspection

Homes that were built before 1962, often suffer from some form of foundation issues or degradation. As a result, the structure of a home’s foundation can become unstable and/or unsafe. If you’ve noticed any signs of foundation damage, it’s important to contact a foundation specialist to conduct a thorough inspection. […] Read more »

Mexico’s Early Earthquake System Works as California’s Program Falls Behind

On Monday, a 5.9 earthquake shook southern Mexico early in the morning – an aftershock from Friday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked the region. Luckily, both earthquakes set off Mexico’s early earthquake warning system and notified residents in the area about both temblors 30 seconds to a minute before the […] Read more »

El sistema de terremoto temprano de México funciona a medida que el programa de California se queda atrás

  El lunes, un terremoto de 5,9 sacudió el sur de México a primera hora de la mañana, una réplica del terremoto de magnitud 7,2 del viernes que sacudió la región. Afortunadamente, ambos terremotos desencadenaron el sistema de alerta temprana de terremotos de México y notificaron a los residentes en […] Read more »